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Win a free fine art photograph of Chicago!

I love Chicago; the food, the architecture, the Lake. But until a trip earlier this year, I hadn’t really shot at night much. That is hopefully about to change, as I head off on a 10-day trip to the Windy (and Really Frickin’ Hot) City. There will be lots of ‘business’ going on, but I expect to be able to get out on a few nights to shoot the town.

That’s where you come in.

Let me know some interesting places to shoot at night, and if I actually shoot there and get some neat images, you’ll win a free print of it. The same archival quality print as I usually sell. What could be better than that? “I think this would be a cool place to take a night photo in Chicago, and oh, this photographer-guy is going to give me a free print of it!”

Send me a comment on this post, a tweet (attheplayoflight or follow me using the Twitter icon at the top right of this page) or an email, and you’ll be ‘entered’ into the contest. There will be a highly scientific process of determining the winner of course, but generally be thinking about places where there are multiple light sources, movement and generally a little action going on, whether animate or inanimate.

Here are a few shots I took when I was in Chicago in March of this year (click for a bigger look):

So drop me a line and be entered to win a free fine art photograph of Chicago!

Posted by David Culton on July 3, 2012
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  1. 07/4/2012

    Guess I’m more boring than your action shots, but I love standing on the steps of the aquarium shooting the skyline at night. Have fun! Can’t wait to see your pix !

  2. 07/5/2012
    Dan Rosen

    Shoot the rail yards, or the South Side under the elevated line!

    Nice seeing you at reunion. I enjoyed our talk-show on the patio.


  3. 07/5/2012

    David, they are all stunning, but I particularly like the middle one, which makes me feel like I am floating above the water. beautiful!

  4. 07/5/2012

    Plainfield nature reserves


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